Coffee, sushi, and twin time

Well, the rain held off.

Just got back from hanging out with Forest — the great thing about spending time with him is that it’s always like we saw each other only yesterday instead of three months ago (we figured that out), and it doesn’t matter where we are or what’s going on because a quick meet-up easily turns into five hours of conversation and twin time. (Forest and I are convinced that we’re cosmic twins, by virtue of our close birthdates and a preternatural connection that we’ve had with one another since we met.)

Today’s adventure was at Blue Planet Coffee in Eastlake. If you’re local, it’s a great place to go for a delicious cup of coffee at a reasonable price. They have a lot of variety in their fresh-brewed selections (I had the Brazil Bourbon Santo, a delicious medium brew) and in their mixed coffee beverages, plus more than enough cold drink and food options to satisfy the pickiest palate. The decor is understated but very “coffee shop”, the seating is comfortable, and the XM radio receiver plays the “Coffeehouse” station at the perfect volume. Forest says that the radio tends to get repetitive if you’re there a lot, but when the repertoire includes Adele, Jewel and remakes of Patsy Cline, I’m okay with that.

Lunch, of course, followed — we can’t resist food, especially when that food is sushi. But honestly, I don’t care if we were eating cardboard because it was just great to have the face time without having to deal with other stuff at the same time. No MUN, no raucous partying (which does have a time and place), just a simple meeting of the minds.

One of the major themes we touched on during our conversation was the whole losing touch with friends scenario. I mentioned that I feel like I’ve been a horrible friend lately to the people I care about; between moving and getting engaged and working and just generally feeling unwell/unmotivated, I haven’t reached out to my friends in a meaningful way for a few months now, if not longer. Lately I’ve been trying to rectify that, one step at a time. I’m incredibly fortunate to have friends who understand that sometimes I fall off the radar and who love me anyway. It says a lot for a friendship if it can withstand occasional periods of distance and separation without bitterness or recrimination on either side, and at this stage in my life I’m quite happy with the friends I’ve kept along the way.

It’s been a wonderful day, and I want more days like this one.

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