Je suis qui je suis…

I was informed that I’m now “almost 30”. I refuse to accept it until I’m at least 35.

I married my best friend on June 30, 2012. We’re settling down from a hectic summer, and we can’t wait to start a family!

Aren’t we cute?

I have an unyielding need to write about whatever crosses my mind, even if it turns out at the end of the day that I’m the only one who reads it. (I’m not, because I cross-post to Facebook.)

I’m building a central site to feature this blog as well as my other writing. Stay tuned for updates!

Things I love:
My cats, Tej and Topher
Good books
Watching Revenge and trying to figure out Emily’s next move
Trying new food
Making puns
Social Networking
Wedding planning

Things I don’t love:
Running late
Bigots and extremists
People who can’t take what they dish out
Washing dishes
The extreme right or left, politically speaking

Honestly, C’est que c’est is really all about me, so putting anything more in here would be a self-defeating exercise. Allez, read the blog and learn more.

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