Tej’s Forever Home

Tej was ten months old last Thursday – I can’t believe how big he’s getting! With that in mind, and since the APL just sent an email about adopting “the perfect pet” and soliciting adoption stories, I think it’s time to showcase my little fur baby.

After a fair amount of discussion (and more than a little wheedling on my part), Brian and I decided in July that we would adopt a kitten. I started out wanting a dog, but with our work schedules we figured that a cat would be more practical. Plus, even non-cat people can’t deny that kittens are adorable.

The Cleveland APL ran a day-long cat adoption special on Saturday, July 23, 2011 to alleviate an overcrowding issue. We drove down and waited in line for half an hour before getting into the cat room; the whole time I wondered, “what if I don’t find ‘the one’?” I had checked out the Web site and found a few possibilities, including 2-month-old, all-black kitten Seth, but I just wasn’t sure. And then, what if they were all gone before I got in there?

I walked in the room, turned to my right and there he was – little Seth, climbing the door of his cage as if saying, “Finally. You’re here, let’s go.” I opened the door and he climbed right up into my arms, starting the purr that today still melts my heart. I couldn’t bear to put him down, even to put him in the crate to take him home with me. But we made it. We named him Tej Parker Trenton (after Ludacris’ character in 2 Fast 2 Furious and Fast Five), and nearly eight months later we are just as much in love with him as we were that first afternoon.

Tej's first day home - already settling in!

"You cannot resist the power of the Force..."

Um, you're supposed to go *in* the bag...

It's hard work being a kitten.

All I need is my mommy -- well, just her blanket.

Look, I'll help you pack. I'm in, all packed!

It's just my size...

Everything the light touches...is MINE.


We’re terrible authority figures.

Brian and I were sitting in the kitchen the other night, and Tej (our beloved six-month-old-on-Tuesday kitten) was giving us our nightly workout. See, before we had him declawed he would get his workout by scaling my legs to make it to greater heights; now, though, he’s discovered that he doesn’t need front claws to gain traction — all he needs is a good strong pair of hind legs. So he jumps up everywhere he’s not supposed to be, to explore the sink and nap on the table and maybe sneak a drink out of the bamboo plant on the windowsill if he can get to it before we get to him.

He jumped for the fifth or maybe the seven hundredth time (math isn’t my strong suit), and I just really couldn’t be bothered to make Brian go after him again. When Brian gave me the “do I have to fetch him now?” look I said “no, just let him be…he isn’t hurting anything.”

Tej, encouraged by my passive acceptance of the situation, walked across the sink to the other counter where he found…the dish drainer. That was far enough for the evening’s journey apparently, because he plopped down there and hardly moved until we went upstairs for the night.

This, despite having a brand-new kitten bed less than three feet away. Kittens...they're like toddlers.

I mean, I know he’s not supposed to be in the dish drainer, but he’s just so damned cute that I can do little else besides throw up my hands and say “Okay, YOU WIN.”

His plan is working perfectly.