Hello darlin’…it’s been a long time

I’ve been hiding in the blogosphere for a few months now. Well, not actually hiding – I’m just writing more over at my now three-month-old blog, From 0 to Baby.

That’s right – if you didn’t get the memo, we’re expecting! (Expecting what, you say? Well, according to 3 of my readers it could be a cyborg but we’re fairly certain it’s a baby.)



Josh certainly isn’t lying – it’s been a busy year. Brian and I:

  • got married in June
  • decided to buy a house (and got pregnant) in September
  • found out I’m pregnant in October
  • closed on our house in December and promptly tore the place apart
  • are moving in February
  • are due in June – two weeks before our first anniversary!

If this isn’t the fast track to adulthood, someone please tell me what is. On the plus side, we can get all of this celebrating out of the way and spend the next few years just living this life that is coming together around us. (And, you know, celebrate with others – we’re all about sharing the wealth here!)

Of course, it does mean that I’m neglecting (again) writing as much as I want to, and really should. It’s a difficult thing to accomplish when your world is a roller coaster and it just came off a major hill and went straight into a covered loop. (Not that this is a problem – I love roller coasters.) Still, I know I need to make the time for it. Even when I don’t have anything substantial to say (like now), it’s just nice to sit in front of the screen and get some of my thoughts out. Writing is, after all, the first part of writing something good.

So hopefully here’s to a shorter hiatus, and if you really want to keep up – I’m always talking about the kid. 🙂

It is what it is.

So we all know that I can’t go too long without blogging about my personal life — even though The Writer’s Closet is doing quite well in terms of a niche blog, I still have to get out all of the other stuff going through my head that’s not even vaguely (okay, maybe vaguely) related to writing. And, as much as I love having a hard-copy journal, that’s just not good enough anymore.

It is what it is.

This is what I get for being up so early on a Saturday — nothing going on, wondering if it’s going to storm or if the sky just likes looking somewhat ominous to remind us earthbound folk to stay on our toes. I’m venturing out momentarily to pop in and see Forest, which will be nice because I’m pretty sure it’s been more than four months and closer to six since I’ve seen him.

Beyond that, I don’t know what I’m going to do — get back on here and ramble, surely, and probably post an epic about wedding planning. It’s just a lazy day…

Briefly, though, let’s cover the blog — truly, “it is what it is.” Posts will likely be all over the place, just like a personal journal, but hopefully I’ll get some interaction going on here. The unifying theme (since I really have to have one) is just my life — no more, no less. I’ll try to keep things sorted with the tags and categories and whatnot, since I’m getting much better at using them, and we’ll see what happens.

Here’s hoping for some rain…after I get home. After all, it’s the best writing weather.