I’m waiting for you to say you love me
You’re waiting for me to walk away
We’re standing at a crossroads, looking through each other
to find the words we want to hear, to hide the words we cannot say
I’m trying not to tell you I adore you
You’re trying not to tell me it’s the end
We’re slipping past each other, the distance growing wide
and we know we’ll never pass this way again
Perception failed us tonight
We’re peering into cracked and tarnished mirrors
We’re searching in each other for all our hopes and dreams
but we’re only finding echoes of our fears
I’m hoping that we’re both in this together
you’re certain that we’re lost in this alone
Two paths stretch out before us, away from one another
so when this ends, we’ll both be on our own.

~ September 21, 2009


when every second glance is another battle won
when your words are cold and hollow, I remember
you’re too good to be true, you’re unbelievable
you’re tarnished perfection…

the reflection of your beauty is distorted
your sweetness poisoned, your brightness faded
a cruel caricature of all I ever wanted
you’re the deepest bitter roots of my wildest fantasy

you are my anti-love
the hit between the beat of every love song
you are my broken heart
the tear stains on the pages that I write
every tock that ticks away
on the hours I have wasted
you are my anti-love, the sickest ever drug

~ September 8, 2009