It’s alive!!

Don’t ask me what spirit moved me, but my Web site is ALIVE!!

Over the last couple of days I’ve been working on developing into the central hub of all of my thoughts and things and goings-on. I still have a lot of work to do, but to ease the transition I’ve already exported this lovely blog over there. So look for me where my name flashes on the screen, for new content and old fan favorites. (Maybe I’ll get some fans this way, who knows?)

Seriously, go look – constructive feedback is appreciated!



Moving in…

Well, we’re finally here.

Not totally, of course – in the next 12 days before our lease at the apartment is up we still need to drive back down, rescue the few remaining items (lights come in handy), drop a room’s worth of items at Goodwill, and clean the apartment as if we were never there. But that’s for next week.

We had an awesome team to help us with our move. I use “us” lightly; for this round I was “girl in the green shirt” (because the guy who couldn’t remember my name was afraid to call me “pregnant chick” – I guess he’s made an error in that department before!), director of traffic and co-warmer of soups for consumption. To compensate for my own feelings of uselessness during the actual move, I’ve already unpacked more than a dozen boxes and found homes for them – after a nap, of course. Moving (even when someone else is doing the heavy lifting) is hard work.

I’ve been to this house a number of times since the night we got the keys, but having our own belongings in it finally makes it feel like home. The rooms no longer echo, and I’m getting used to the random creaks in the hardwood floor that Brian will undoubtedly try to tackle sometime this spring. I’m comforted by the sight of my own glasses in the china cabinet, the sound of my cats coming up and down the stairs…

Oh, the cats. We brought them over Friday night so they could have some time to get used to their new house. Instead, they cowered in the kitchen until we carried them into the one bedroom where they’d feel most safe, and closed them in for the better part of two days. When we let them out yesterday morning they went into hiding again, and I learned once again that cats are at the bottom of the “listen to Mommy” totem pole. When I finally found Tej, his expression told me “I’ve heard you yelling for the last half hour; I just don’t care.”

I love my cats.

There will be scores of new reflections as we get totally settled, but for the moment I have more boxes to pack – and, after a very long hiatus, groceries to buy!

Home, sweet home.


Marie Digby, “Spell” (2008)

Spotlight shining brightly on my face
I can’t see a thing and yet I feel you looking my way
Empty stage, with nothing but this girl
Who’s singing this simple melody
And wearing her heart on her sleeve
And right now
I have you
For a moment I can tell I’ve got you
‘Cause your lips don’t move, and something is happening
‘Cause your eyes tell me the truth
I’ve put a spell over you

Beauty emanates from every word that you say
You capture the deepest thoughts in the purest
And simplest of ways
But you see
I’m not that graceful, like you
Nor am I as eloquent
But just a simple melody can change the way that you see me
And right now
I have you
For a moment I can tell I’ve got you
‘Cause your lips don’t move, and something is happening
‘Cause your eyes tell me the truth
I’ve put a spell over you

And all my life I stumble, but up here I am
Just perfect
Perfect as I’ll ever be…

Oh, I have you
For a moment I can tell I’ve got you
‘Cause your lips don’t move, and something is happening
‘Cause your eyes tell me the truth
I’ve put a spell over you…

This is a great resource if, like us, you’re trying to cook healthier without sacrificing flavor and variety.


One of the lingering misconceptions about vegetarian food is that it is boring.

This wide-spread belief stems from the unappetizing stodge that some hippies cooked in the 70s. The veggie food bad rap is fortunately disappearing and we are living an exciting vegetarian revolution with delicious recipes published on the web every day.

Now that I mostly cook vegetarian, I realize how it is far more creative than the bog standard meat-two-vegs-one-carb dish. It does require more effort but it’s more satisfying in many ways.

Here are a few tricks that I use to keep my vegetarian food interesting and tasty:

1. A few drops of green gold.

Sprinkle a dash of “the good olive oil” before serving; it brings the flavours together. This is a trick I learned from the Spanish. You can have normal quality olive oil for everyday cooking but have a bottle of the good…

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Revenge: Season Finale recap, looking ahead to Season 2

Well Revenge fans…this time, the season is really over. It seems hard to believe, after all of the hiatuses we were forced to endure (for shame, ABC) to get our fix of Emily and her quest for vengeance. And who could blame us? Last night’s season finale was full of shocks and surprises, with more than enough cliffhangers to leave us all breathless from the suspense. After the jump, I’ll go over some key points in the finale and discuss my predictions for Season 2.
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