Wil Wheaton Blew Up My Twitter Account (or That’s Show Business)

This is amazing. Fellow BBT and Wil Wheaton fans will enjoy.

Verbatim Gibberish

So, I just wanted to immortalize this on the blog before it disappeared forever from the twittersphere. Friday morning, on a whim, I threw together a quick caption from a behind-the-scenes photo of Wil Wheaton and his wife Anne on the set of Big Bang Theory. If you haven’t seen the episode, it was taken on Wil Wheaton’s front porch (not really his, it’s just a TV set people) shortly after Jim Parsons‘s character Sheldon (spoiler) gets drunk and throws up in the bushes.

Anyway, I thought I was being clever, so I threw it up on the twitters and mentioned @wilw and @AnneWheaton, because I thought they might get a kick out of it.

And I guess he did because he retweeted it. To over two million people. Granted, it is twitter, so half of those are probably spambots, but still THAT’S A LOT OF…

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