Revenge: Season 2 Forecast

5 more days, Revenge lovers!

There were more questions than answers when we last left the Hamptons, armed with snippets of information and enough cliffhangers to leave us all counting down. If you need to get up to speed, check out my season finale recap, then scroll down to find my predictions for Season 2.
Loving? Ashley has talked and schemed her way from Victoria’s side to Conrad’s company, and now shares Daniel’s bed after Emily broke off their engagement.
My guess: Daniel appears to have fully committed to the Grayson attitude, which includes a healthy distrust of uncontrolled ambition. This is no love match; I predict a split well before mid-season.

Baby Mama Drama: Oh, Faux-manda, won’t you ever leave the Hamptons in (relative) peace? Here you are, baby-to-be in tow and ready to wrap Jack back around your skanky little finger.
The twist: In a sneak-peek clip of S2 Ep.1, “Destiny”, we find Emily once again confronting Amanda about her plans to stay with Jack; however, when Jack walks in on their discussion Emily tells him that Amanda has asked her to be the baby’s godmother.
My guess: I hope this couple is not long for the Revenge world either, but a split will be far more complicated because of Jack’s all-too-real feelings – and Amanda’s threats to expose the truth about Emily. I can’t say for sure whether Amanda will survive the season, but I really hope she doesn’t and that’s almost the same as a prediction.

Nolan’s Love Interest: Oooh, who’s been reading the spoiler articles? They’re full of tantalizing little tidbits, including the appearance of a mystery woman from Nolan’s past. No guess here, I just can’t wait to see how the story unfolds. (I also hear there’s a shirtless scene or two in “Destiny”, and honestly I’m more excited about that.)

Long live Queen Victoria… We all know that the plane carrying Victoria and Lydia – and Conrad’s evidence – went down thanks to everyone’s favorite White-Haired Man. Another sneak peek clip of “Destiny” shows a part of Victoria’s memorial service…but is there a body?
My guess: Come on, we all know this one. I say Vicki lives, and I’m corroborated by no fewer than three of the show’s stars; even if I’m mistaken, I doubt it’s the last we’ll see of her. Emily’s revenge path is taking some interesting turns, and I imagine there will be more than enough flashback scenes to keep her in our consciousness for at least the next season.

Revenge – a family enterprise? Spoilers and our own assumptions indicate that Charlotte survives her pill overdose from the close of “Reckoning”. Another less-prediction-than-desire dream: that the youngest Clarke teams up with her real half-sister to play the revenge game.

Check out the promo trailer, and leave your predictions in the comments! I’ll be back on Sunday for a recap of “Destiny” – maybe a live-blog, we’ll see.

Stay vengeful, friends.


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