I’m (really) going to marry him!

I’ve decided, once and for all in my mind. When there’s something so precious and wonderful in your life, you don’t cast it aside. You don’t wait for the bottom to fall out. You fight like hell to keep it. Brian is what’s precious and wonderful about my life. I’m going to marry him, going to be with him until the stars fade out of the night sky. I’m going to share my life and myself with him, create a new life and a new family and watch them grow and thrive with him. It doesn’t matter if the day is tomorrow or twelve hundred tomorrows away; when he asks me for forever, I’ll give it to him with open arms.

I wrote that on February 20, 2005, and in 44 days it will come true. So what if it’ll actually be 2687 days? (Not like I counted, silly – I put it in Excel!)

All those teachers who told me to never second-guess my first instinct must be pretty satisfied with themselves right about now…

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