Sign the Petition: Cancel TLC’s “Sorority Girls”

TLC, normally one of my favorite networks, has crossed a personal line of mine with their new show Sorority Girls. Five American sorority women travel to the U.K. to create the first British sorority, Sigma Gamma, and British university women will compete to earn one of five bids to the first new member class.

From the description on TLC’s Web site, the ladies will bring the “exclusivity and glamour” of their sorority lives to the venture, which immediately strikes a sour chord with me. For me, as well as for my sisters in Delta Zeta and fellow Greeks across the entire NPC and IFC (can’t forget the gents), being Greek is not about the parties or being part of an “exclusive” club, having the flashiest clothes or being “glamorous”. It’s about aspiring to a higher standard of academic excellence, gaining awareness of the world through participation in philanthropy activities that benefit a wide range of organizations and causes, and living the tenets of sister- and brotherhood as they are presented to us.

I’ve signed the petition below urging TLC to cancel Sorority Girls or to change the way that they portray Greek women and men. Even if you aren’t a sorority or fraternity member, you know those who are (like me). If you love and support us and the community that we represent, sign the petition and stand with us.

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