Flipping out

I got this fantastic gift for Christmas last year — for the two months or so before, all I kept saying to my mom is “I want a Flip mini camcorder so I can start putting video content on my blog!” Brian has a JVC camcorder from his former roommate that I used a couple of times for making videos…with the intent, of course, of putting them up for your entertainment. I have video clips from the auto show back in 2010, when I tried out for Cleveland Idol (and cemented my loathing for Robin Swoboda); commentary from last year’s Moving Day, in which Mom and I got our own apartment; and a few random other episodes.

Obviously, none of it ever made an appearance on the previous blog (and won’t be making an appearance here). Still, I haven’t given up on my love for the idea of vlogging, and since I have this awesome little Flip I’ve decided it’s high time I get more than 30 seconds’ use at a time out of it.

I’m still working on defining the content I will include; the idea of a Wishbone-style book review on The Writer’s Closet appeals to me, but here I think we may go with the occasional rant or rave or friendly guest appearance. The sky’s the limit…well, that and my video-editing abilities! (Side note: I want my Mac back…so much easier to edit video.)

Is there something you’d want to see (literally)? If so, let me know in the comments!

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